Our Reports Re-Design

It is our pleasure to announce the re-design of our reports application! Through out the re-design process we made a point to focus on creating an application that was easy to use and visually appealing. Creating a better user experience started with establishing a couple key areas of improvement. These areas included easier data organization, adaptive layout for multiple devices, and better attendee profiles.

Easier Data Organization

Allowing you, our client, to filter information was a top priority for the in4med team. With the header of our Attendees report you can search for individual attendees based on criteria you choose. Some of the criteria available for you includes name, company, location and more! In addition to help narrow down your search you can select an event date to show only attendees from that single show day. This gives you the ability to quickly find information on attendees, during or after the event.

Next, we turned our attention to how the data is being displayed. When looking through a high volume list you may want to adjust the order or switch how the data is being organized. To make this easier we added filter arrows (highlighted in the red circle below) to the tops of our data tables. This allows you to change the order from ascending to descending quickly and easily based on which item your want the data to be organized by. As a bonus you have the ability to filter by multiple columns just by holding down your shift key and clicking on your desired filter options.

Adaptive Layout for Multiple Devices

During and post shows it is important for the sales team to be able to quickly and efficiently view data from anywhere on any device. We have built the our new reports to adapt in size anywhere from a tablet to a wide screen display monitor. Not only did we make it easier to view the data on multiple devices, we created larger and easier to find buttons (see image above) to help you navigate through the application, even on a touch screen!

Better Attendee Profiles

Attendee information is the most important data we collect, so it was paramount to improve the attendee profile. Within the new profile you can quickly edit information about an attendee in addition to view all of the attendee’s activity while at your booth. This includes all page views, requested resources  and additional comments made by either your sales team or the attendee themselves.

You and your team can organize individual attendees into a priority system that allows you to quick identify a hot lead from a cold lead. Each attendee is given a rank “star” (shown on the image above and the image to the left). Each “star” is given it’s own color, red being a “hot lead”, blue being a “cold lead”, gray being “not a lead” and etc. By color coordinating an attendee’s priority, your team can efficiently identify “hot leads” from “cold leads”, making better use of their time.

These are just a few of the updates, to view everything we have done or get a demo please contact us!