We strongly believe that face-to-face interactions are as valuable today as they were years ago. (If not more so.) The typical lead experience, however, involves a lot of manual work before, during and after the event while offering little accessibility to the actual lead information. It is also often challenging to get leads and trade show requests into the hands of the people who can help most.

We focus on transforming that typical lead capture introduction into a conversation by creating content that promotes a true two-way dialog. Our system makes leads accessible in real time and has the ability to inform sales representatives via email about the specifics of a certain attendee’s visit. We transform those basic introductions into conversations, and conversations into relationships.

in4med face-to-face lead system

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Why it matters

Information isn’t everything. It’s often what you do with the information that matters. In4med allows exhibitors to convert leads into actionable opportunities in order to maximize trade show experiences. Exhibitors using our system learn more about the attendees who visit their booths. With methods to qualify and survey attendees, leads are easily ranked and prioritized in order to work with them more efficiently after the event is over.

Exhibitors can increase the time spent speaking with customers onsite as well as continue the message after the event by confirming each attendee’s email preferences and collecting the appropriate permission information to send emails after a visit. Captured lead data can also be exported in formats compatible with CRM systems, sales force automation tools and marketing databases.
screen shots of in4med lead system reports

In4med has over 10 years of lead capture experience with the last 6 years focused solely on interactive applications and lead retrieval at events. We offer the next generation of exhibit lead capture with a system that allows exhibitors to dynamically present information, share the information with individuals or groups and use any size screen or A/V hardware available.

Our system allows marketers, convention managers and trade show exhibit managers to view the impact of their exhibit in real time as well as access data on-site or back in the office as the event is taking place. In4med clients, therefore, know more about their exhibit visitors, increase time spent with their customers and stay connected after the event. Our experience can help increase the impact of exhibits and the perception of exhibit staff. In4med will bring your exhibit content to life!

Some of our amazing clients!

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  • Over 10 years experience
  • Real time data
  • Unique applications
  • Multiple device compatible
  • One of a kind service